Thursday, November 27

New York Tech Meetup Manifesto

I used google Docs to publish this Manifesto - and unfortunately, it did not publish correctly. To read the NYTM Manifesto completely, go to


With the proposed changes made by Scott to the NYTech community, there is a vacuum of what NY Tech Meetup should do going forward.  Scott made a proposal, and is asking for nominations and platforms from prospective candidates.  The following are my ideas on these issues and this manifesto is casting about for thoughts and opinions.  I ask for people's input and feedback on it to help create and discuss what should be NYTM 2.0.  Just send me an email and I will make you an author on the google Doc.

Summary of Points

  • NYTM Leadership
    • More than one leader for the group - each member possessing various strengths, like a small executive board like Stanford's Council of Presidents or co-Organizers
    • Staffing could include:
      • facilitator - think project manager who ensures community rules are maintained
      • producer(s) - running the events and ensures positive flow of event
      • ambassador(s) - providing liaison between business leaders, political leaders, and finance people
      • mentor(s) 
  • NYTM Monthly Event 
    • Presenters chosen from three channels, number of presentations between five and seven
      • Other NY Tech group leaders - they sponsor a startup and present them on stage
      • NYTM Community choses the following month's presenters - NTYM team provides listing of best
      • VCs and/or angels can sponsor companies to present on stage
    • Announcements between presentations
      • Requests must be made a day before the event, must be for staffing, event announcements, and other constraints TBD
    • Grassroots Publicity
      • Members of the NYTM community can get a discount for future events for quality publishings of companies that present
      • Will get "credit" for postings within a specific timeframe and of size and content
      • Must be tagged in some fashion to get visibility (e.g. #nytech or #nytm) 
  • NYTM Steering Community
    • Monthly meetings from members of the NYTM community to help in submitting ideas for future direction of NYTM
      • Leveraging the enthusiasm and ideas that came from the Oct 20th meeting

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