Tuesday, December 2

NYTM - Change We Make or Stay the Course?

It has been an interesting conversation going on in the circles around NYC - where people are discussing the future of NYTM.  Charlie has a post or two on it (ummm, looks like one is gone), Corey has one, Nate has one, and Richie has one.

Gary provided his ten things - and Allen Stern has some sage advice lo - a year ago.  Heck, even I wrote one down that could discuss some of the root causes of how NYTech has a number of needs that should be addressed.

The challenge is - all of this bubbled to the top, not because of a problem with NYTM - but due o Scott's desire to pass on the reigns.

I had not, up until then, really heard of any complaints on NYTM and how it was done - outside of the space, the lineup and so on.  So, the question is - aside from some slight modifications, is there anything wrong with NYTM?

If youa re one who believes there is - then we could consider one of Charlie's suggestions (to disband it) or to modify it into an Association like NYSIA or SVASE.  Or we can leave what is be and work to improve it incrementally.

For my interest - I thought connecting the other NY Tech groups through the NYTM might play to the group's strengths - and provide a platform for other group leaders and reinforce the Tech Alliance that exists at the Meetup site.  Instead of competing in silos - working to share the discoveries with other communities (for example - some of the companies at the NY/Israel Tech Meetup are something to see in the NYTM) would be something.  And to share the spotlight of the NYTM with these other group leaders would only strengthen the community.

I have other thoughts - but I do not think there is anything "wrong" with NYTM - I think things can be improved - and given a chance and quality feedback (and volunteer support), the NYTM can only improve.

In politics, voters usually decide whether or not the country is going in the right direction or the wrong direction - and that metric often suggests Stay the Course or Change for the Better.

What do you think is happening?  


Paddy Mullen said...

What's you platform, how would you run the new york tech meetup? I loved it when the meetup was at the cooper auditorium, it was a great space (other than the columns), people could actually get in.

You have always done a great job of connecting people

Sanford Dickert said...

Paddy - simply - keep much of it the same, but investigate options on how to expand space needs, increase promotion and visibility for the events and the presenters, and create new ways (or leverage the wisdom of previous attempts) to bring about additional collaboration efforts.

As for the space, that is a problem we will have to address.