Monday, October 18

Ariana Huffington at PIVOT

Listening to Ariana Huffington - decided to liveblog.

She loves the Chivas commercial

Salk says we are moving from Epoch A to Epoch B where we are moving from competing & survival to meaning and collaboration.

Example: the stopping of reporters to go to the Rally in Washington. They have to be agnostic on "sanity". Can't we just have a lively debate? There is a rational, sane way to disagree - while there are others

Highest meaning of journalism is to ferret out the truth - and not always the middle ground. The earth is round - to interview Flat Eartgers does not make us better journalists. It makes us obsolete in terms of where journalism is going. The Millennials are relying on their friends for content /news. And, as Craig Neumark says "Trust is the New Black".

Everything is getting recalibrated. We need to be able to earn trust.

You can not enter into the same river twice. WiLL.I.AM said we used to consume news from the couch. Now, we are consuming news galloping, leaning forward, sharing news. People do not want to just consume news - they want to share news and see what people are reading. Recommends seeing "Waiting for Superman".

Marriage is for a certain time, but divorce is forever. - Nora Ephron

Q&A with Chris Shipley:
Ariana discusses the stealth mode for you NOT to sharer all of your reading habits.

Calls us "Gen Y-ers" - reminds us to bear witness on the stories. Entire section called Third World America and you can see how people are connecting and becoming a central hub. Leading us to our citizen journalism project.

Says that the skilled journalists will come together with the citizen journalists - best of traditional media with the best of the new. Certain skills that traditional journalist have that are very important and the younger journalsts energy.

Curation which is another word for aggregation - we curate and aggregate. For example - HuffPo believes that the Afghanistan War is a silly war and she is providing content that supports that point of view.

Engaged community

Have you read Gary Stiengards book on Third World America - she has not been able to read anything.
Feels a little like Cassandra - tried to warn the Greeks. She feels that she needs to tell people that we need to course correct before we become a Third World America.

Read section five from page 199 on - we need to have the middle class. The explosion of creativity and community os what will potentially save us.

We've Got Time - Howard Got Laid - unemployed are using social media more than others.

One of the biggest problems - we are a sleep deprived nation. One of the future uses of social media will be to convince others to unplug and disconnect. Recharge your devices elsewhere. At HuffPo, we are really focused on sleep - you will be more happier, joyful, less likely to be divorced.

What are your thoughts on Wikileaks?
Everything HuffPo does on line is about transparency and once they become members of the government, they become opaque.
People want to know the truth, and the challenge is that we do not want to jeopardize our national security. When young men and women are dying because political people are being too cowardly, then we need someone to stand up for our transparency.

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