Tuesday, February 3

NYTM - February 2009 - Social Meets Mobile

Nate makes intros for the Meetup - Social Meets Mobile

Amol introduces the Peek
Simple email mobile device - nothing else. Shows off the initial screen (with one Peek), then shows a red Peek already logged in, and then demos the logged-in Aqua Peek.

Contest - invites people to "hack the Peek" - choose the three best prototypes, hack it, and then deploy it. Relies on GSM for info travel. Two for the price of one at Amazon. Does not do chat yet - but might do social messaging. Exchange coming soon.

Andrew Weinrich with Xtify - partnership contest with Peek
Andrew paints a picture: "Everything will go mobile. When you look for an apartment - you will leave, and get a text message 'look here'". "Walking by a jCrew store, the store will provide you with a jCrew coupon". Things are moving toward location-based services. Will require an API to "grab location out of a cloud". Should be able to build in hours, not days or week. Grab someone's location, permission it, and then use it.

[Ed Note: xtify.com does not have a treo download - needs a background threaded OS]

Todd Marks with MyWorld/viaPlace.com
Focused on social media and LBS. Finishing up acquisition of viaPlace.com. Open source, centralized registry - you communicate with the registry through a viaPoint (which is funny since via point is a robotics term in path planning).

Greg, Chivan and Nathan from Coovents
As people find information as they are walking around, you can publish Coovents - shares events in locations. Uses twitter and iPhone app.

Nate does announcements:
Ben Stein from Mobile Commons
Demonstrates the SMS/click-to-call service via the mcommons interface. Makes an action call interface with a an SMS message that connects to a call. Excellent interface in evaluating the calls performance.

Sarig from FlixWagon
Shows that people are sending video and pictures from the cell phone. Demonstrates the live transfer of video (reminding me of qix and ustream). How does Flix win? Sarig aims to work with the news media companies and share in the brands and leveraging their communities. Not to build their own "network brand".

Hugh shows omgicu
Handful of tastemakers showing what people are interested in - in celebrity gossip. Allows people to place information about where the celebs are sighted - and asks for the communities their opinion. Great crowdsourcing of people you like, stories you like, etc. Text "omgicu" to 60270 to join.

Q: "Isn't this just like Gawker Stalker?" Yes and no - Gawker does a lot more - and this was only a feature.

Nate announces that this is our last Meetup at the IAC - the next Meetup will be on the first Monday on next month at FIT - 27th and 7th - and the space hold 775 people(!)

Dawn gets up to say goodbye to IAC. Congrats to Nate for taking over and taking the lead. Thanks to IAC - a year of beautiful space.

Jeff Jarvis presents his speech on "What Would Google Do?"
Book site is here. Amazon purchase page is here.

Google demonstrated that letting go made success - google is a platform. Life is public, business is public. "Communities already exist" - bring them "elegant organization". Small is the new big - manage abundance. Need to decide what business you are in. Inverse relationship between control and trust - trust the people, listen.

Make mistakes well, life is a beta, be honest, be transparesnt, collaborate and "Don't be evil".
Beware the cash cow in the coalmine, encourage, enable and protect innovation
Simplify, simplify - Get out of the Way! - Craig Newmark

Ideas of googlizing businesses:
  • google Collins - A book is actually about buying access to the ideas within the book.
  • google Eats - business built on openness - open up the process. What is the recipes were all up online and allowed for people to change the recipes
  • GT&T would be "great"
  • The Googlemobile - from secrecy to sharing: opening up the design process ("Why can't I plug in my f**king iPhone!")
  • The First Bank of Google - markets without middleman - open bank, the transparent institution, the only bank you can trust - THIS is what IFMR wants to do!!!
Generation Google and impact on:
  • Friendship - stay linked forever
  • Publicness - is privacy over
  • Thught - does the Internet make us smarter?
  • Politics and government - is this the transparent administration
  • Talent - the creation generation

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Hey Sanford,

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