Friday, August 10

Gnomedex: Darren Barefoot - Doing good in the world

Came up with a currency for "doing good" - One Meal for One Person = One Stacy
  • NABUUR - connect high performing volunteers in the developed world with projects in the developing world.
  • - mentoring kids into high school or college
  • - volunteer in Africa with my IT skills
  • SecondChanceTrees - buy a virtual tree, get a virtual tree.
  • - YahRanch/YakShak - L$ 1000 - sold 200 yaks
  • NothingButNets - trained people to bundle fundraising efforts - minor fundraising efforts once again.
  • - launch a project on anything - most are International Development or -thons. Need to get to the front page (100 supporters) to get the project to happen. Causes a ready-made community for the project to start.
Lesson: build infrastructure for good to get the best impact.

Be the best ancestor you can be...

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