Friday, August 10

Gnomedex: Robert Steele

Got in late - 13 hour flight terror....uggh!

Robert Steele on various issues:
  • Open Government: if you can not name your cabinet by November 2008, then you should not be in the running.
  • Wants to blog "retrospective impeachment" - go deep, go back and go current.
  • Suggests that the concept of "open money" was part of the reason for the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy - since they were going to print money, rather than borrow from the banks which generate money without anything backing it
  • Water is going to be the next big "war" thing - $9/gallon
  • Energy: solutions available, bottom-up demand needed
Ten High-Level Threats from the UN:
  • Poverty
  • Infectious Disease
  • Environmental Degredation
  • Inter-State Conflict
  • Civil War
  • Genocide
  • Other Atrocities
  • Proliferation
  • Terrorism
  • Transnational Crime
Teaching Chinese free across the Third World and Argentina

MindWar: Strategic, Operational, Technical, Tactical - a race for the mind of man.
Need to provide free online, education - on-the-call - in any language - and we need to connect the world.

Our job in the next 15-20 years, distribute cell-phones, keep the bandwidth, use the DOD residual bandwidth

Pick up the presentation at: and for email

With the permission given to the government on wiretapping, are we going to have to be totally transparent?
We need to own our information - I want a CISCO router with all of my information, CISCO AON rules-based approach for access to my information, whenever referenced?

Failure of Generalship in America - confusing loyalty with integrity

Rule by Secrecy - very good book - secret society were a very good thing to fight against oppressive monarchies. Great war game that uses secret societies. Absolutely believe central banks are fundamentally evil. Bildenberg Group - only the movers and shakers that think they are m&s.

Where do you stand on Internet radio?
First hackers were ham radio operators who were the "evil" of that time. You do not have to work within the established "bandwidth" or any demarked area. You can have neighborhood radio stations.

Opinion on FOIA and having it published
If you write anything, post it. Doctors no longer trust medical journals. Every statement needs to be on the web. Get the community of bloggers to edit and recombine.
FOIA is the way of keeping you "busy" - don't waste your time with the federal government - h anticipates virtual cessation in the government.

Salim: issues you raised are systemic - what are some small issues that we could tackle? Of which we could build upon?
Collapse of Complex Societies - work of genius - govts collapse when the efforts of micromanagement exceed the efficacy of management. Neighborhood management needs to be the key. Start at the neighborhood/village/municipal level - address the
Spike theory of change - when one states gets it right, it will spread like wildfire.

ConstantNow/AlwaysOn movement - is this big brother or?
Can be particularly liberating - blogging is becoming a means for always on.

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