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Gnomedex: Guy Kawasaki - Art of Evangelism

Guy comments on how he loves seeing the many Apple logos in front of him - and clarifies that he was the SECOND evangelist for Apple, not the first. Honors Dave Winer about outlining which migrated to RSS - "changed the world"

Presents: Art of Evangelism: personifies the spirit of evangelism. As with Nike - efficacy and power

1. Make Meaning - make meaning instead of money
People who build companies for flip tend to build for failure.

2. Make Mantra - a mantra why you exist - two or three words
Mission Statement for Dummies - two day offsite - hotel near golf course. Take top 20-30 employees (Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay). Hire an outside coordinator/facilitator since the leaders can not. Usually tends to be a female named Moonbeam - lamaze instructor.
First day - cross functional teams - do team building exercises - build trust, kumbia. Next day - white magic marker. 50 in the audience - one word per person.

3. Roll to DICEE - Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegant, Emotive
Affiliated with something that was good. Deep: Fanning Reef sandal - has power. Intelligent: BF-104 Flashlight. Complete - the entire product, services, etcetera are part of the product offering: GS Hybrid (service and support). Elegant: intuitive to do what you know what to do. Emotive - either love it or hate it.

4. Niche Thyself
Two vectors: ability to provide unique product or service versus value to the customer
  • High ability, Low value: Stupid
  • Low ability, Low value: Dotcoms
  • Low ability, High value: competing on Price
  • High ability, High value: where we want to be - strong connection (Fandango)
Like our president, we can find success when we are "high and to the right"

5. Let a hundred flowers blossom
Weird flower: PageMaker - desktop publishing. Saved the day for Apple Computer
If not for PageMaker, your mobile phones would have keyboards. Batteries would be easy to replace. App would be a real app, not a Safari app. Existance for G-d is the only explanation for Apple's continued survival.

Why do companies not ask the customer that already purchased your product.

6. Make it Personal
Most describe their products in very "lofty" terms. "Next paradigm of personal computing" - bad. Mac is about making one person more creative. How does it help you?

7. Find the True Influencers
Always trying to find the CXO person - always trying to find the CXO. Guy's experience - higher you go, thinner the air, which means no intelligent life. Need to find the engineer, admin, sales person. What does it make you if you suck up to people who suck up?

8. Enable people to test drive your product
We assume you are smart - we want you to try the product - and then YOU decide. Much more powerful marketing piBlogger: Sanford Dickert, Social Engineer - Create Posttch.

9. Always look for agnostics, not atheists
Someone who had never used a personal computer was much easier than a person who had invested their money and career in MS-DOS.

10. Provide a very slippery slope
Making a show in a negative way is not a good act - make the act an easy one, not a wholesale change. Slippery slope so they fall into using the overall project.

11. Don't let the bozos grind you down
They will try to grind you down - if someone tells you you will fail, you will certainly fail. One bozo: dead cats in the refrigerator - the loser. The dangerous bozo: successful, rich and well-known - worst bozos to face.

Tells the story of being a "bozo" himself: "It's too far to drive, and I don't see how it can be a business." - on the offer to be CEO of Yahoo! from Mike Moritz. "Two billion here, two billion there, it all adds up."

Want copies of the presentation - send en email to and his blog:

Guy's Golden Touch: create amazing stuff. Never, ever let the bozos grind you down.

Q/A: I thought you said in "Art of the Start", ship and test. Now you said "complete". Help?
Don't worry, be crappy. Totality of what the product means - string of upgrades. Market will accept incomplete when it is revolutionary, with elements of crappiness within it (other than life sciences).

What has your blog meant to you?
Very late to blogging - five years later than most of you. Thought blogging was inherently arrogant - why would anyone else care? After being hounded - finally did this. Now he is creating new stuff, much harder. Makes $30-40K in advertising a year - part of the bigger picture, can be giving in helping others (product introductions). Personal mantra - empower entrepreneurs - what will I be known for?

Needs a backup plan for eternity: you find out that heaven is a 747 airplane. But there is coach (better than being in a car). Business class: seat reclines somewhat, meat like stuff. First class: Singapore First Class. Want to actualize his mantra is to empower entrepreneurs to help them make the world a better place - so he can be in first class for all of ternity.

What do you do now to avoid being a bozo again?
Are you on twitter? No - too old to be on twitter. As a VC, every time you say no, they are afraid of turning down the next YouTube. They are more afraid of saying no than saying yes. There is no upside in saying a solid no.

You can build a case on investing any stupid idea - because that tends to be good.

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