Friday, May 18

PDF2007 - Create the first techPresident

Andrew publishes the challenge of being the first techPresident:
  1. Declare the Internet a public good
  2. Commit to providing high-speed wireless Internet access nationwide
  3. Declare "net neutrality"
  4. Instead of "No Child left Behind" to "Every Child Connected"
  5. Commit to creating a "Connected Democracy"
  6. Create a National Tech Corps
Almost sounds like Andrew is running again. Nah....

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Paddy Mullen said...

Making a commitment to providing broadband access for everyone seems very dangerous to me. What I assume you are actually suggesting is to have the government subsidize the internet. That is a very scary proposition.

By letting the government fund or regulate the internet in any way, you give them the opportunity to censor the internet. Oh, you say, they wouldn't, we will write it into bills to make sure they won't. Hmm, and the government doesn't censor radio or tv? They will censor the internet. The internet is too good to let the government get involved.