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PDF2007 - Live Blogging On the Front Lines - Part 2

Micha is talking about tools they are evaluating on the PDF website - sounds similar to what I was doing for PoliticalWarez.

At techPresident, they are showing us tubemogel - showing the content as to how the presidential videos are performing. Adidtionally, allowing for widgets of content from techPresident.

Danah Boyd (danah boyd) - Digitally Shaking Hands
ow do we define a "public"? Physical space. What we take for granted in the physical world versus the networked world. How we can identify how people enter into space? How candidates engage others n the physical space? Very push-driven idea access of information. The national political campaigns focus on how money is pulled from online.

Look at how people are engaging with life ONLINE - how they use it as a form of "public life". Understand the practices and how they are employed. Friend networking - do it really work? By and large, they disappear. Friends are the main audience as the places they are watching and who are watching them. Politicians - are not engaging.

Major feature - comments - allows for people to comment on the site which raises a persons face to being someone who comments and is visible to their friends. By having politicians commenting on a profile gives people a feeling of connecting. The people connecting already are fans.

People outside of NYC - they congregate online in the online spaces to hang out. Properties are fundamentally different. For properties in mediated publics:
  1. persistance - what you do now, will last for ever
  2. searchability - today's young people can be tracked, find their friends where ever they may be
  3. replicability - people can play out as a bullying
  4. invisible audiences
Students and young people are already developing the skills that allow for handling public lives as much as politicians and celebrities

Farouk Olu Aregbe - The Million Strong for Barack
Giving the story of how he started the effort - waiting for the world to change. Taking Democracy into his own hands.

Matt Stoller - The Making of the Netroots
"Only challenge is between you and your imagination" - Tom Friedman

"Crazy Uncle" theory in politics - said things that were true but was very uncomfortable. These kind of candidates did very well online all the time. This says something about internet politics.
  1. Unlike traditional - they got peer-to-peer
  2. These people appealed to the people who emailed
"The Open Left" - all organizing around a set of principles.
Started in 1998 - Clinton's Impeachment - petition became 500K - response to impeachment. 2000 around the recount, 2002 rose in parallel in Dean and the issues regarding Iraq - each betrayal (media, political elites)

Now bloggers run research, raising money, running candidates - parallel to the existing political process.
Civic participation built the system today, demanding global, open system. This will be built into our model of government. Back to a decentralized model of government, not the centralized model.

Series of actions that betrayed and materialized to fight against the issues today. The New Right using the tools of the 1970s, who brought us direct mail and George W. Bush.

Openness is incredibly compelling - we have had a taste of the power. It is as if we are listening to the crazy uncle and discovering...that he was right.

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