Friday, May 18

PDF2007 - Godin Speaks on Political Conversations

Politics is the "fashion business"

Great presentation

Middle people are average - who are professional at ignoring

Geeks and nerds want to be heard from - connect with them. The message starts with them.

Web is the biggest haystack of all time - your website is a very small needle.

Stand for something that the geeks/nerds will choose to talk about.

750,000 years ago - we were hunters or farmers. Politicians are all about hunting - everyone else is about hiding from the hunters.

Human beings love doing what human beings are doing - you can not do the macarana by itself. Why do orgs focus on having private stuff, when public is so much more powerful.

Cumulative advantage - huge reward of being part of the shorthand.

Candidate to voters - targeting, now work the grapevine.

The most powerful non-elected official: Ralph Nader - 1962-1994 he spent $0 for advertising. Instead of looking at the world as a funnel, turning it into a megaphone. Amplifying people who agree with you. Get lots of people doing it for you.

Get the current conversation and

The Fashion/Permission Complex:
Be remarkable -> Tell a Story to Your Sneezers -> They Spread the Word -> get Permission -> follows the cycle

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