Wednesday, June 3

NY Tech Meetup - June 2009

Liveblogging from FIT:

Nate shows off a NY Tech Startup from UpNext 3D

UpNext - Danny Moon

  • 3D Cityscape - launched the site 2 years ago
  • Shows off the 3D interactivity
  • True location search
  • iPhone App
  • Shows Category search, Keyword Search,
  • Allows for update of your twitter and/or Facebook status
  • What's UpNext feed - Just Opened, Latest Reviews and (something else)
  • And it uses the GPS capability
  • "Thought that was cool." - Nate

Centrl - Murat Aktihanoglu

  • Runs on the iPhone and other SmartPhones - you are going to miss alot of information
  • "Leave Britney alone!" - Nate
  • Can add a user, vote for the user, send a gift, private chat on the Centrl world.
  • Shows the deals and coupons on the site - can show the coupon and share the coupon with friends.
  • Can do a keyword search for restaurants via Yelp
  • Can search for info via Wikipedia
  • Can set up georelated sites to help in connecting
  • Can make chat only with personal friends and turn off the location functionality
"You all know our 'strict' no Powerpoint policy. But then we have some special cases." - Nate - Andrew Hoppin / NoNeck Hidalgo

  • 1965 - last time Democrats in the majority in the NY Senate
  • January 2009 - wants transparency in the NY Senate
  • Their email was Lotus Notes, CRM was via a VT100 interface
  • Created the Office of the CIO
  • Noel shows us the information from the new site - open transparency
  • Platform - expose as much data as possible
  • Senators are on twitter and Facebook - included a new functionality at the New Idea link
  • Public Markup section - can vote on ideas
  • Have their own YouTube channel - using the cloud to give access
  • Go to for a Barcamp for internal work
  • Twitter: @NYSenateCIO,
  • Q: "Where does the crowdsourced ideas go?" It is tougher to do to create a workflow internally.

Max - Livestream (formally known as mobus)

  • Internet video platform. It is free - ad powered. Professional version with more than 1000 customers.
  • Create additional TV stations - very good for event. As the web becomes more real time, live streaming will become mainstream.
  • Livestream Procaster - livestreaming - download it for free.
  • Nice livestream tool - our coworking space does this at ( where people are doing their own production
  • Can broadcast your desktop
  • Can promote on twitter, can manage a channel chat,
  • Allows you to livestream a working video feed.
  • Has a 3D effect that can show both the video feed and the live video feed
  • Game mode which allows you to play the game and video feed and have people see you doing the stuff as well.
  • "Incredible product!" - Sanford (mumbles)
  • Q: Pro version? A: Pro has no ads, can disable publishing on the guide, and can make the videos private.
  • Q: When for Mac? Couple of months from now.

Michael Alpert - Aviary

  • Edit images online (essentially Photoshop online)- create digital content in the browser - photo editing, vector editing
  • Released their API to allow people to create their own cartoons
  • Image Editor, Color Swatch Editor, Vector Editor or Effects Editor - uses a Firefox Add-On
  • Can create an effect in a blackbox effort - help create open-source
  • Sneak peek of the Aviary audio editor.
  • Q: How are you enabling education? A: School can have the educators use software directly in the classroom - collaborate and edit within the classroom.
  • Q: Pro version? A: Yes - file storage and other features.
  • Q: Versioning? A: Yes - it is online and can track versions that are being created and can return to an older version.

Bre Pettis from Makerbot Industries - 3D digital design files library
  • Normally costs $25K to $300K to have a 3D printer - MakerBot is only $750. Everything is open-source - made it to be hacked out of the box.
  • "A thing that can make anything you want. 'Earl Grey, hot'" - Bre
  • Made a coin in google SketchUp (with a hack)
  • Q: How much does it cost to build something? A: Someone else - $30 to 40 per, self - pennies.
  • Q: Wear out? A: Two months going strong
  • Q: What is the world 20 years from now?

Jason Calacanis shows Mahalo 2.0

  • Allows for the creation of crowdsource management of the pages
  • Q: Love TWIS - This Week in Startups
  • Q: Aren't you a serial pimp? A: People often overestimate the downside of risk. How can you sit here and watch these demos and not want to try? Failure will only help you. NYC is the greatest city in the world.

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