Tuesday, June 9

My life on the Palm Pre - Day 2.66

After going through using the Pre for the past couple of days, I have learned a number of things that I am happy to share:
  1. Camera problem is more than likely a faulty camera
    Reading at everythingpre.com - I have learned that others have had the same problem with the camera. They have been told that the camera is the problem and that I should get the Pre replaced. I will, after my family leaves.

  2. Pocket dialing is annoying...
    Turns out that the Phone interface, while nice to use, has an interesting problem. After you finish the call and hang up, the phone interface stays active and if you are like me and grab the phone, you can accidentially either hit the numbers or hit the dial button. I think with my treo, once I was done with the call, the recessed screen was not easy to hit after finishing, so I would not accidentially call.

  3. ...but the proximity sensor is terrific.
    When your face is close to the phone, the screen turns off. When you are ready to hang up, the screen relights - and you can hang up. Nice touch.

  4. Pre had great heft, but it slips easy
    I love the feel of the phone - I have always loved how the Palm phones always feel strong and solid - but sometimes, when you are using the phone while eating or doing somethiong else and you grab it quickly, you can lose it like "a greased up pig at a country fair".

  5. Pre battery life is a pain
    After using the Pre for a couple of days, I can affirm that it has a very short battery life. My guess is that, while the processor is energy efficient, the access to the networks and multiple applications open at the same time can be a battery suck. Additionally, the Pre does not have a brightness control (or at least I can not find it) which I would assume could reduce the battery life suck. Even Palm does not show how to reduce the battery consumption, but I did find some suggestions on everythingpre.com.

  6. Selecting multiple attachments is a pain
    Oi - I was trying to add multiple photos to an email and/or text message and I discovered that 1) the text messages only take one attachment, 2) multiple attachments on email takes an insane process of confirmation and attachments. What happened to my lovely list with a checkbox to choose what I want on the message?

  7. Love dismissing alerts with a swipe
    With every alert on the main screen, you can get an insane number of interruptions (if you get email, tweets, IMs, texts, and voicemails). Nicest item is to sweep the item away to the right and they go away.

  8. Text message history and delete via a right swipe
    When I first saw the text app, I was worried because I did not know how to see all of the old text messages in one location. Text message history has come in handy (incredibly handy) when I needed an old text for another meeting. My life was made much happier when I learned with a left ball swipe (across the LED field), I could see ALL of the text messages.

  9. Direct dialing from the keyboard
    On my treo, I used to love just typing out the phone number directly from the keyboard. Now, I can do the same with the Pre and I have more than just phone as an option. To make the call, you need to hit the Return key (bent arrow) on the keyboard.

  10. Missing global search
    Please. Fix this.

  11. How do I get to my photos off the Pre?
    When I had my treo, I could sync up my phone with the computer and go to the photo folder. Where are my photos from the Pre? I do not want to download one photos at a time. And having to do it one photo at a time to my photo is not helpful (even if it is going to Facebook) because I can not get the original photo itself.
But - still enjoying the Pre. Just wish it had a better battery life.

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