Sunday, June 7

Continuing my odyssey of the Palm Pre - Day 1.33

After charging my phone last night, I decided to see what would happen with the Pre after a full-night charge.

While I still have issues as described in my earlier post, I have learned a little more about the phone in showing it to my family and friends.

Battery power might be lagging
As described in David Pogue's article, the Pre's battery life is somewhat lacking. I was in a badly covered area of the Sprint network, and found my phone getting warm the entire morning. But, when I got into the city, I decided to recharge the phone and see what would happen. The phone was at 2% and after one hour, it charged back up to 52%. But an hor later, the phone gave me the 20% battery warning.

So, while I understand hunting for a network could run the battery down, I would not expect the batter to lose 30% of it's charge in another hour.

Apps have some improvements to go
After being such a treo / Palm OS fanatic, I am missing a couple of things such as:
  1. Accidential pocket dialing
    I discovered that the phone app has a sensitivity to dialing - without a lock/unlock feature on the phone app, I worry that I might make another pocket dial.
  2. A better set of menu options
    When I would use the productivity apps on the treo, there was always the menu of other options/features that were available at the top. Right now, the apps seem to be missing "something"

What do I love about the Pre?

So, with all of these complaints, why am I still carrying it around? Well, for all of the complaints, I have a slew of compliments:
  1. Its not a treo!
    As in, it does not use Windows Mobile or is over three years old.
  2. Its a phone with a keyboard!
    The styling of the phone (when open) is amazing. It has great heft and the speaker phone actually works.
  3. It works!
    Yes, I know - it should, shouldn't it? But after having smartphones for the past five years, the phone is very usable instead of completely buggy.
  4. It does not require a theraputic reboot!
    Yes, one of my favorite acts (sarcasm alert) was to restart my treo every so often when too many apps had taken up all of the memory. So nice to have memory and a stable OS.
  5. Love the interface!
    Yes, after this long wait, I love the way the OS operates and allows me to play with the apps. Might not be terribly intuitive (see my last post), but it is fun to play with.
My big concern is that @palm is posting only the good issues, not addressing the bad ones so far. @palm - when you are ready, give me an email and we can talk about how to solve the camera issue.

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