Monday, February 9

Who said news doesn't come FAST?

This morning, as I started reading the news, I noted that @elliotng was talking about a scary fire that was happening in Beijing, China - near the CCTV Building. There were slews of photos on the Internet (see here for a google doc being kept up-to-date).

As I twittered about how the twitter-verse was on the story faster than CNN or NYTimes, I suddenly noticed that CNN breaks with a "Developing Story". On it the announcer is speaking with a CNN reporter (who lives across from the fire) and can not clarify some of the details of the fire. What I wondered as I watch the video is the statement on the bottom of the screen - "30-fire bldg":

Then, as the announcer is speaking to the reporter, we begin to hear the reporter feeding details to the announcer, and the announcer feeding questions to get further details. Name of the hotel (the Mandarin Oriental Hotel), the size of the hotel (40 stories), how long it has been burning (only just started to happen in the last 30 minutes - which is approximately 30 minutes short of the twitter messages). But in the midst of the narrative, the Breaking News box disappears and comes back with:

As the segment is winding down and the announcer is recapping the news features, the Breaking News finally gets it right:

Who said the news doesn't move fast? All within the speed of a three minute cast.

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