Tuesday, February 3

Small Biz Technology Summit: Panel One

Panel: Tips for Thriving When Customers Spend Less

Introduction by Jeffrey Bernstein, Strategic Brands who is also Chairman on the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

MCC is the place for information support, networking and legislative support

Danny ESTRADA: we get called in all the time - and talk about being aware of what is happening int he market place. Time and energy - for energy, you can find the opportunity, SB are nimble - find simple things, low risk to the customer, take the risk out of it from the customer. Bundle things and you can generate the dollars because you are removing the risk from the puzzle.

ATTIA: downturn means to ensure on the bundling, allow them to downgrade easily - they like your relationship, but can not spend so much.

Ivan Druker (Aud Q): where do you balance bundling versus value to your brand?
ESTRADA: in the service business, you are always faced with this question - because the offer sets a precedence and might dilute their brand.
ATTIA: you will tweak your product offering to make a solution
PORTEUS: transparency love to understand what they can get for their money.

ATTITA: keep communicating with your customers - keep the dialog with the customers. They will communicate regarding their pain - with every down, there is an up. If you do this cost-effectively, business and loyalty will keep things going. Best way - emails. Non-invasive, can customize the message, empathy.

Q: Outsourcing professionals - what are the trends to thrive?
PORTEUS: flexibility is incredibly important in your business - especially when you have blips in revenue, or opportunities that fall in your lap. Think about replacing every fixed cost with a variable cost.
Outsourcing the scut work to others, and free your talented people to do better things.

Q: Track record - how to measure? PORTEUS: Try and buy - this economy allows for it.

ESTRADA: 51% companies will close - due to cash flow. You can not be everything to everybody.

ATTIA: Technology sumit - you can set it, and forget it. {ED NOTE: Wha??? Sorry - social media is a process, not a 'bot]

Q: how can I get started with a list - when I do not have one.
ESTRADA: you can have media properties send emails on your behalf
PORTEUS: you can blog and generate content that people will find when they need it, instead of being interruptive

Ethan Q: where is a Small Business Starter Kit?
ESTRADA: 1) use blogger, 2) at go daddy - youc an get a blog with your domain
It is not about putting it one-up, it is about being seen.
BERNSTEIN: make a targetted site for a small group of people

Q: wants to start a blog
ATTIA: frequency is inversely proportional to size - trial and error

Q: why is twitter not being discussed?
Anna: how to use twitter - short quips to see when articles are published online. 140 characters can do that. [ED NOTE: but google does not index it]

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