Monday, June 23

PDF2008 - Visualizing the Political Blogosphere

Anthony Hamelle - linkinfluence
Shows us a virtual geography of the "political"internet - tool has similarities to the google analytics tool, demonstrating influence. Needs a help-guide to explain it, but seems powerful.

Incoming links are used to measure influence, outgoing links are measure to fine-tune position on the linkmap.

Matthew Hurst - Microsoft Live Labs
When all the World Collide - what if all of your products/content/data came together?

When you post, there is always:
  • a date, title, content
  • the author, their profile, physical location
  • past posts, etc.
What can we do with Content, Time and Location data; Content Data -
Demonstrates how posting on a blog makes the spread across the tightly coupled network. Jeff Jaris is centralized between the technology clusters and the political clusters. When he posts, it spreads across the network. Great visualization simulation.

Allows us to observe trends across the 'sphere.

In terms for citizen consumption - creating a tool to watch as news is published, how the

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