Monday, June 23

PDF2008 - A New Activist System: The Changing Role of the Net-roots and the Right-roots

Jane Hamsher,
Grew from the Scooter Libby event - learned to ride the wave and how to build a community on the anger against GeorgeW.

Video from an angry Clinton supporter which became the most watched/discussed. After 1.5M views, the MSM finally decided to show the video.

The world of article being posted, and then letters to the editor, and then you could forget it. But in the blogosphere, you can not avoid the discussion. So MSM is beginning to migrate their models (e.g. Swampland), with money and name recognition - the 'sphere needs to build out their influence in other areas [Ed note: this sounds a lot like the discussion of a third party].

For example - the incredible creative energy that exists in the community can post and create and get visibility, whereas MSM blogs/efforts are still quite risk adverse UNTIL the community at large makes it happen.

Average age of liberal blog reader: 40 and 60 yrs old, $100-150k per year.

Even with a Democratic President, conservative Blog Dog House members are getting K-Street money and are able to play on both sides of the aisle.
Obama campaign has changed what people think they can government via money online - Obama raised $55M online without attending a single fundraiser.
[Ed Note - only one question, what about the fact that now candidates are going to have to become "entertaining" over and over again to get visibility?]

Patrick Raffini, TheNextRight
To answer the question, "Who are those right roots?" Earlier, a few core blogs on three key issues - the war, fiscal constraint and earmarks and judicial appointments. They represent a primarily fiscal side - focused there.

Mentions the evangelical community and the fact that the community ususally does not get active in politics, but eventually reconfigured to be a political force. [Ed Note: isn't this indicative of the Christian Fundamentalists? Kingdom Coming].

Mentioned the November 5th effort for Ron Paul - suggests that Ron Paul made this happen. Suggested that this was the foreshadowing of the "end of email". [Ed Note: eyes rolling upward?]

The Ron Paul faithful have now goine into the local communities and are taking roles in the local political plays and winning seats at the local political table. A small network group beats a large atomized group.

[Leaving Q/A for someone else - need a bottle of water]

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