Sunday, March 16

BarCampNYC3 - Designing Attraction

Designing Attraction by Rob Faludi, ITP at NYU

Weapons of Influence from "Influence"
  • Reciprocity - we try to repay, in kind, what another person does for us
    • Web of indebtedness
    • Watch out for uninvited debts - mailing labels in the mail forcing us to repay, avoiding the Hari Krishna and the flower
  • Commitment and Consistency
    • We like things better AFTER we choose them - the MacBook purchase and packaging
    • Foot-in-the-door effect - small to large
    • Justification of effort - why else would you not have done the difficult thing if it was not worth the effort
  • Social proof - everyone doing something, we will do it too.
    • Most effective in ambiguous situation with social peers - curiosity?
  • Liking - more likely to comply with someone we like
    • We like people who are attractive, similar and familiar
  • Authority - Milgram experiment (electro-shock experiment)
    • Illusion of authority (not a doctor, but play one on TV)
    • Heuristic value
  • Scaricity - perceived value of limitation
  • Responsibility - is it okay to use these tools?
Teaching students how to "design attraction".

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