Monday, July 2

YiTan Tech Conference Call - iPhones

Too tightly coupled with iTunes, tough with the wifi

Very fluid interface - gorgeous. Sometimes dials are better than buttons. This was just pleasing in a way I never thought. Much better than having a stack, the thumb access was wonderful.

Signup procedure is considerably easier than signing up for other phone services. Some times it took a few hours to sign up.

Paul: touch interface, gesture is completely indescribable. It is more of a biological and analog, more than a poking and button. Hits the monkey brain. Modeling certain things that are more than likely the real world - subtleties - need to articulate one way or another to explain how this interface is working.

Jerry: Microsoft Desktop Computing - was here and then disappeared. Steve Jobs held the patents on the touch interfaces.

Dean: how can Apple own patents on touch when other patents are out there, etc? And with Microsoft Desktop $75K per installation. cdragon and photosynth - Microsoft is doing a lot of work with visualization and control in a "visual database".

Steve Crandle: a lot of work in the past 20 years - large numbers of patents. Nothing is particularly new and novel. Now, there is enough processor to make the interface fluid.

Key to fluidity - it is the responsiveness - especially with the touch interface.

Steve Crandle: how else are they (Apple) going to square everything. Interesting engineering design choices. Forced into the slower networking so they put into WiFi so they could have a working system.

Jerry: wifi at low power

Joy to use - roll your thumbs around. Typing - use one finger (the hints are "thumbtips"). Auto-corrections become more to the where you type, versus the word you are aiming for. Sound gives a visceral feel to the typing experience.

GPRS is so pokey slow.

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