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YiTan Tech Conference Call - CES 2007 recap

...joined a few minutes late...

Brian Wieser - CES is the new COMDEX - slice of what was there - how is the ad media changing economy changing - HD is present.

HD is coming up in various offers and devices.

HD Channel feeds - HD offered will be very compressed - consumer interest in consumer interest in HD and cable channels offering HD content. It is not a major change, rather an incremental change - will increase interest, but not a tsunami.

NYT article - Porn industry discovering pros and cons is occurring (you can see who has acne and such).

Pip asks - compression? Brian - Digital networks will eventually begin to fade away.

Second thing - connected media managers/centers/servers - many different solutions.
Digo going to offer a direct to consumer DVR - not relying on cable operators.
Moxie Center very nice - but lots of others.
HP is pushing their offering, lots of Windows Media Server in various forms everywhere.

Jerry - with Vista, will more people consume media in greater forms because of the WMS?
Just because the technology is there, does not mean that everyone is going to use it. Goal from products there was to allow for more media center functionality.

Third thing - internet bypass TVs - TV solutions allow for connection to the Internet (bypassing the cable set-top box). Sony offering branded channels, AOL has an offering, Apple offered iTV. The greatest challenge is the cable-card plugin issue (standards are being used to slow things down, not increase deployment).

Right now, you can get the content, but no return path - e.g. no Video On Demand. When the customer will need the "cable card", it will sound so complicated that the user will just not do it.

Too many obstacles in making true internet bypass content. Unless you have five-9s, customers will nto be happy. Brian's assessment - a long way away (2-3 years) until the issues get resolved.

Pip - what is the problem with cabel cards - how would internet bypass to become common/a reality? Dean Collins - go to CableCard3 to see the work he did with cable networks and cable cards. The cable companies followed the rules, but cable companies were not willing to give the other services. We are now at CableCard1.3 - supposedly going to CableCard2 which would offer two-way, then CableLabs changed the conversation to move from PCMCIA to a chip and then another 2-3 years and intentionally delayed.

Effects of iPhone Announcement at CES
Everyone was talking about it - but wondering if it would live up to the hype. Will they ship out as many as they suggest (10M in 2007). Seems like an impressive device on it's own merit.

Mark - absolutely in line for the iPhone. Game changer in thinking about UI - hardcoding buttons on portable devices - the beginning of the end. What experience is the user after instead of what kind of tool to build.

Pip - "game changing" device that he wants is that it never drops a call and clarity of call. No one has any intention of solving that issue (we are used to it). Will it be "gee whiz" like the Cube or will it be similar to the iPod. Come May/June - will it meet the expectations? Word of Mouth has to be successful. Unlike Vista, iPhone is revolutionary.

Alex - on the marketing, Steve Jobs performance - he blew it by announcing the iPhone before it was ready, and give the competition to figure out what it is and how they can beat it.

Pip - LG is offering an iPhone-like product called PRADA. Not sure why Apple offered the iPhone and have to regenerate the excitement.

Al - with phones, you have to submit the information to the FEC, so it is public then anyway.

Howard - Nokia N800 - follow on to the Nokia 770 - Esme Vos has it - why are we not speaking about it? This phone is open (Linux) and a bad UI for the phone.

Pip - if Ballmer had been showing this product, people would be attacking it much harder. Apple gets a little grace - you can see what it might be, rather than what it is not.

Jerry believe we will be using the tablet to make calls and connect to the bluetooth headset.

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