Thursday, December 28

Dave Winer Scripting News Takes New York

Dave Winer at Cooper UnionJust had to make something sensational after the event tonight at Cooper Union - approximately 50 people showed up to be part of Dave's "unconference" - to which we discussed a number of topics including patents and the "offensive" use of them by large corporates as well as the philosophy of "unconferences" in general.

Topics I wanted to repeat and discuss were:
  1. Community Patent Review Project at NYU Law with participation by Red Hat, GE, Microsoft, IBM and HP - excellent project similar to our Red Hen Spectra project at Cooper Union.

  2. Web 2.0/User-Centric Architecture and Development Class - a class I am creating at both Cooper Union and Brooklyn Polytechnic. I am creating topics that pertain to rapid development, "web 2.0" concepts (mashups, social media, datamining, etcera) and will have an "unconference" portion of each class where up to three industry experts in the various topics will be invited for a discussion (no lecture, no Powerpoints) on the topics of the day. Cooper students will have a software project to develop using the technologies and methodologies we are discussing. If interested in speaking or learning more, send me an email at my first name at cooper dot edu.

  3. Cooper Inventors Institute - much like Dave's "unconference" tonight, we are planning on creating "unconferences" on the tech topics of today - limited in attendance and focused on technical issues with a hint of business modeling. These monthly conversations will start in January and will begin with a discussion of "web frameworks". Date will be announced and conversationalists are welcome to send me an email at the above email address.
Thank you for coming tonight - and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!
Goodnight Burbank
NOTE: if you want a spot of comedy, check out Goodnight

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