Monday, July 12

VP-select John Edwards

So - is anyone surprised at John Edwards being selected as the VP candidate? After so much speculation and discussion - it is almost funny that Senator Edwards was thought of not being the primary candidate. If I was going to tell you my belief when the moment was that he was destined to be the VP was in the sit-down debate with Larry King - as the two of them were discussing the issues - and you could see the "easy" rapport they had. In the Internet Team, I remember someone saying "There he goes - applying for the VP position".

He brings all the things he says he does - and interjects the campaign with momentum as well. And, whether or not he is a trial lawyer or was against NAFTA - truthfully, he is campaigning - he is terrific campaigner - and, from people I work with that worked with him, he is a good person. And for that, I support him wholeheartedly.

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