Tuesday, January 6

NYTM #49 - Inauguration and twitter Apps

Scott leads the meeting with a discussion on Charlie's post on shutting down the NYTM. Provides his "rebuttal"

Now Scott is inaugurating Nate in the role of NYTM Organizer - via a MacBook Pro "bible".

Nate offers the parts of how NYTM will be modified:
  • Themed events (this week is twitter apps)
  • "official" After Party at Park
First app presentation: @shakeshack
ShakeShack 'bot that tracks all of the replies and determines the length of the line at the ShakeShack. Code does not create community, code supports community. ShakeShack 'bot gives a huge amount of latitude - data contains more information. Twitter data is exciting, but unstructured and bringing this information to some form of structure is a challenge.

Second app presentation: TwiTerra
Visualization of retweets on twitter -showing the tweets on the globe (google Earth). Discovered there are a few people who are always RTed, asking for RT is a good way to increase retweeting.
NASA World Wind libraries to create it.

Third app presentation: cotweet
Reminds me of Yammer, but leveraging twitter to communicate. Jesse does a recognition of Heif and then introduces Launchability,development of rapid prototypes (looks/sounds like RubyRedLabs). Creates stream and allows for retweet and forwarding.

Q: shortform signature (karat then the initials) - something that cotweet is proposing.

Fourth app presentation: stocktwits
Venture backed media company - stock tweets and shows the tweets of people. @howardlindzon is the backer and the idea maker of stocktwits.

Fifth app presentation: Shorty Awards
Presented by Greg Gallant - Shorty Awards are about recognizing short form content. They beat out Xmas in the New York Times popular reads.

Who are these guys? "Nothing much" - just a bunch of people who harnessed the crowds opinion.

Sixth app presentation: Klout
Tracking the measure of influence across the social web. Understanding the impact of the individual. Using a bunch of factors (20-ish) to generate the score - and working on creating influentials on "subject.

Q: How do you measure positive "klout" or "negative "klout"? Nothing confirmed yet.

Seventh presentation: botanicalls
An excellent application of twitter as a notification system, a remote sensor and a sense of personification.

Q: "What happens when your plant gets a better klout score than yourself?"

Nate presents his vision of the NYTM:
  1. Presentation will continue
  2. Themes - next months theme - mobile meets social.
  3. Guest MCs
  4. Community voting - with mobile meets social, go onto the message board and a week before - we will vote three of them to the stage.
NYTM.org - to strengthen the NY Technology Industry - as the biggest and strongest community - can strengthen to continue to build the community.
Community committee - about "juicing the system" - ensuring that communication occurs. Members will connect, evangelize and report. If you are embedded in a niche network, you love to share and connect knowledge and people and you really like to organize - then we need you.
If you want to be part of this - either:
  • email Nate at nate [at] innonate.com
  • blog a post about the idea and why
  • post your thoughts on the NYTM Message board

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