Sunday, November 19

Smoking Aces and Deja Vi - excellent movies

One of the nice things about being a old movie hand (I used to manage movie theaters when I was younger), I have friends of mine who often provide me with movie passes to premiere or press showings. And with the Oscars happening soon, lots of movies are giving some initial previews for viewing by VIPs and other notables.

So, it was a pleasure last week to enjoy Smoking Aces which I recommend enthusiastically.

Smoking Aces - "The Departed" with a "Prizzi's Honor" bent
As I got the offer for the film, I wondered what it was about - this film is packed with talent ranging from Jeremy Pivens (personal favorite actor), Ben Affleck (in one of my favorite roles for him yet), Ray Liotta (wondered what happened to his face), Jason Bateman (slimy lawyer type), Ryan Reynolds (excellent work), Andy Garcia - all amazing in this play of a return to the dark comedy of "Prizzi's Honor". Worth the ticket - absolutely.

The gunplay pyrotechnics - hilarious. The banter and the insane players within - just had me laughing. And while the premise is totally unrealistic, quite funny.


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