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Kred Presents at PIVOT

So, last week, I spent a short amount of time at the Crown Plaza while Brian Solis and gang put on the PIVOT Conference. As the CTO of PeerIndex, a provider in the Influencer Marketing space, I was quite interested in hearing about what others were talking about in the influencer space. To that end, I got to spend some quality time with the founder of Kred, a new player in the space that has been focusing on developing a product to compete with the likes of Klout and PeerIndex.

From Jodee's presentation, Kred is made up of two major metrics - Influence and Outreach. The definitions of these metrics are:
  • Influence is the "ability to inspire action" and the measure of action is based on other people retweeting, responding (@ messaging), liking and following you.
  • Outreach is the "generosity that you give in responding to others" in the same areas of measure (retweets, responses and other acts of social kindness).
Kred breaks down the score into two segmentations: Global and Community.  In the Global measurements, you are given a score by the number of responses to you during the past (which goes back to up to three years) and each social action is weighted by the what particular action occurred.  So, someone retweets you, that person gets Outreach points, while you get Influence points.

The Global Influence Score is then applied to the entire listing of the Kred database and everyone is ranked from 1 to 1000.  Thus, people's Influence Kred overall is measured against everyone else.

In the Kred Community space, the population of each Kred Community is defined primarily by what their bio says - in particular, what titles, what words are used and so on.  There are currently 200 Kred Communities and will grow.  But in the case of Influence, all members of the particular Kred Community will be measured against each other and then ranked with a normalized score (from 1 to 1000).  In addition, the Kred Community is also ranked as an entity unto itself - allowing for the KC to have its own Influence and Outreach Scores, in comparison to the other KCs.

Outreach is not a normalized score, rather it is an accumulation of actions that a person does to share in the contribution of social interactions.  Right now, the scores are in the naughty digits (03, 04, 08) but should grow with each act of social kindness a person shares (oh, I look forward to seeing how @jetblue fares here).

Future Steps
From Jodee's conversion, we can take away that:
  • Right now, only providing twitter from their past data - in the coming month, will support Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Next will be how to add blogs to the mix and how to map the bloggers to their twitter account. 
  • People can generate "offline Kred" by submitting documentation to actions or credibility that can be confirmed in some fashion (e.g. a Presidency gives a person +1000 Kred points)
  • At present, Kred does not rely on the twitter favoriting feature for affecting the Kred score
As for privacy, Jodee and team are very proud of the four privacy settings for customers on Kred (see below). The only concern I see is there is no way for a person to absolutely remove their data from the Kred database which might be an issue in Europe.

I, for one, welcome their entry into the play.  They offer a different take on the model and seem to have a lot more visible data that they can show people such that others can understand why they have the Kred they have.

If you wish to see the raw footage from this event, feel free to catch up at

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Anonymous said...

Sanford, great post and thank for your comprehensive review of Kred.

In terms of the privacy settings, yes a total opt-out is available if a user contacts us to request this.

Andrew Grill
CEO PeopleBrowsr UK