Saturday, April 2

SuckerPunch - it IS a good comic book movie damnit...

Last weekend, the movie SuckerPunch came out - and got resoundingly panned by critics around the US. I had been in London the past week, so I could not see it when it launched.

So, I decided to go see it myself while it was still in the IMAX theater - even after RottenTomatoes had given it a 20% rating from the critics. From the critical reviews, it sounded like Zack Snyder had done some misogynistic fantasy film that was making violence sexy with people walking around in flimsy negligee - with no story or plot.

I have to seriously disagree. While I may be the demographic that Zack may have been designing this show for - it truly was a "tour de force" in terms of imagination and storytelling. Granted, the story may have seemed to serve the need for Zack to show off his amazing cinematography, I truly appreciated the story that was being told - especially when you consider the entirety of the story itself.

I thought the direction and style was excellent - and all of the effects were a step above anything I have seen. Zack did push the envelope - and I would say that this story is better than "The Watchmen". I would say that the audience for "The Watchmen" will enjoy this movie - and should disregard the nay-sayers.

I remember how amazing "The Matrix" was back when it first came out. It caused me to purchase a DVD player and the disc way back then. I think SuckerPunch and the style/effects/story is quite a beautiful story and a sad one. I wish I could tell you the plot, but then you would miss out on the true story behind it. All I would say is that the major plot twist reminded me of the 1985 season of Dallas.

And - to Zack: you did a great job. You and your team (actors, designers, developers all) can be proud of a wonderful piece of art. I sincerely hope that others tell you the same thing in kind.

UPDATE: to prove my own point, looks like the filmmakers released the first six minutes of the movie on trailer (plus some sizzle toward the end). Worth the six minutes of your time:

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