Thursday, November 4

Overheard on the ad:tech Showroom Floor (funny)

Sorry - but I actually heard about half of this said at the Jaavits this year. Why does everyone think "cloud" is the only way to go?

h/t to Dalia from cozywallet

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Christine said...

This is totally unrelated but yesterday at the NYEW you asked the panel "How can we in this room get involved in Africa?" and so I'd like to recommend our non-profit CouldYou?( Below is a comment that one of our CY alumni made on Nicholas Kristof's blog "How to Change the World" which describes who we are.
I wanted to share a bit about an up-and-comer here in Manhattan called CouldYou? (

“What can I do?” is a big question that is difficult to address from the confines of a Midtown highrise or a Soho loft, yet that is where so many of NYC’s latent passions reside.

CouldYou? takes groups from the US/Europe and gives them locals-only access to the real needs of Mozambique and connects them with emerging leaders who are transforming the African continent.

Imaging spending the morning with kids who harvest the local dump, lunch touring a grass roots waste management/recycling company that is creating jobs and cleaning the land of garbage, and then dinner with the head of a multi-national aluminum company that buys the aluminum.

The highlight of my trip with CouldYou? was going on a delivery run with the country's largest newspaper. In a country where most must decide between bread and information, you can imagine the hunger (pun intended) for knowledge and the chaos than ensues when I emerged from my tuk-tuk with free newspapers in hand. It was like being the ice cream man and I was giving away free ice cream!

Following eight days of exposure to need, introduction of a solution and hope, and a glimpse of the interface with a global economy (and CouldYou?’s participants specific skill sets)… Relationships are built. Hearts are transformed. Minds are deployed. New passions are ignited.

This is CouldYou?...