Saturday, October 30

Now, this is a way to sanity...

As the alarm rang at 4:30am, I remembered the call just six and a half hours earlier from Ben Kallos saying, "Sanford, you're on the bus!" The DL21C hired a bus for getting some of us down to the Rally to Restore Sanity - a different kind of event that makes grown men (and women) proud to be Americans.

On line in front of the Amtrak station at 5:15am, we sauntered onto the bus, grabbed our seats and began to reconnect with people we may have seen in other Democratic events. I caught up with a friend from four years ago who was surprised to see me on the bus - since I had been in California all this time. We caught up on war stories and laughing about Tickle Me Elmo dolls.

As I asked for the power plug, the head of the group said, "So, are you going to blog about the trip?" Well, since we have wifi and power on the bus, why the heck not? Pictures to come and stories to be told.

Stay tuned.

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