Tuesday, August 3

New York Tech Meetup - August 2010

eventros - a mobile app (iPhone) - can find people at an event via twitter tags and content you placed on the event. Will be activating foursquare, Meetup and geoloco in the near future.

Market Publique - vintage clothing ecommerce site with heavy photos and curated. Only allow "real" Vintage clothing providers. The editors of the site judge the applications, very easy site to manage your inventory and solutions.

TurnTo builds social shopping stores. Nice widget that allows you to mouse-over the different products and get feedback from visitors or friends. Finds some friends who have shopped and what they bought. If the person has not agreed to be references, but you are a friend, Turn2 allows you to request the friend if you can see them. Easy signup, allows for commenting, and allows you to push out to Facebook and twitter.

Response to Clay's book - Sam Lessin founder of drop.io - rails against the basic thread.

indaba - demonstrates the newest version of the site. Founder gives a discussion on the state of music. Leveraging one identity on the indaba Music Platform. Demoing an amazing online mixer at the demo site. Integrated with iTunes and an individual sales tool. Connecting with iTunes, MySpace and others.

Philo makes television interactive. Allows your devices to "checkin" with shows. What your friends are watching in real time. Once you are checked in, now you are interacting with all of your friends and viewers that are watching what you are watching. Incorporating "game mechanics" - virtual scavenger hunt. Demonstrates a badge by typing "omg" on Philo and gets a "Jesus Badge".

twilio evangelist demonstrates how to make a quick conference call using XML. Then is able to quickly script code to show the caller's numbers and then calls everyone back. SHows OpenVBX which allows for a VBX solution provider. Excellent product turntpdemo.

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