Saturday, January 16

Instead of Birthday Wishes, Can You Help Haiti?

With my birthday fast approaching, and I find myself away from my friends in New York due to a project assignment - I thought, how could I best impact the world with my birthday (if not with a party)?

One of my clients ( just joined with their competitors to do a fundraiser to support the Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

I remember the earthquake from 1989 - 7.1 in San Francisco is not the same as 7.3 in Haiti. I grew up in South Florida and worked with people from Haiti. My life - while separated by distance - is not far from this experience.

So, instead of throwing a party and thanking everyone for their well-wishes - I would ask you to make a donation. To The American Red Cross - and specifically, to the Haiti Relief and Development Fund.

A beer would cost $5-$8, a wine would cost $6-$10. Think of that when you think of making a difference this week.

Thanks for helping. I know it will help.

Please donate here.

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