Monday, November 2

Enjoying the Kodak Zi8 - thanks Kodak

Last week, I was at the #140conf in LA and was handing out all sorts of swag from Knock Knock, my client who I am the Digital Director. As I was heading out, I had some remaining big pieces (our Complete Manual to the Things that Might Kill You, our Bottled Water Bag, etc.) and decided to give them to Chief Blogger from Kodak as well as her coworker, Tina.

As I was leaving, they grabbed me and surreptitiously handed me a Kodak bag which had a Kodak Zi8 camera within! All I was asked to do was to post up some videos for people to see. And so, to keep with the promise, I include the following video I shot with the camera. Tell me what you think!

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r4i said...

GREAT image quality after upgrading the firmware. Amazing features for the price. Better video quality than the Flip. Good sound after firmware upgrade. Expand memory via SD all the way up to 32MB.