Monday, June 15

Just off the phone with Palm Development Team

So - I got off the phone with the Palm team in Santa Clara and have a couple of good pieces of information from the call:
  1. Why does the camera cycle like mine does?
    Turns out that one of the first things the camera app does is perform an auto white balance - and that causes a slight delay as the camera is starting up. But, it does not explain the 20-second cycle of the camera app not working - which we are investigating.

  2. Auto correct feature is currently a legacy function
    The guys told me that the auto correct system has approximately 55K words that are designed to handle most misspellings that treo users have experienced in the past. They are not keen on the iPhone style of auto-correct (with the floating word below and the X to dismiss) and are working on some of the issues.

  3. How do I soft reboot?
    Just asked this one after reading one of the threads - and asked. Turns out: hit the OJ key, the Sym key and the R key at the same time for a soft reset.

  4. Multi-select of attachments - not happening yet
    One of my issues (in my last post) was the lack of a multi-select feature. They do not have one and will investigate if they could/would add it.

  5. Repositioning the cursor in a text box
    One of my first finds was when I needed to reposition the cursor into a text field that already had content beyond the visible bounds of the field/screen (imaging a 20 character text form with a 50 character entry. Now go to the start of the form entry and then try to edit the last five characters.) Turns out the OJ key helps there as well. Hold it down and repositioning your cursor with your thumbs.
It was a great call - the team is really enthused and had already captured a number of my bugs prior to our conversation. I also think I am going to propose we call the OJ Key the Palm Key if only to keep the branding alive.

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