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Dear Ed Colligan, please send the Pre out...

Dear Mr. Colligan -

Since 1995, I have been a staunch supporter of the Palm platform through thick and thin.

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I have gone through more versions of the Palm platform than I can count, kept away from silly things like Mobile Windows, Blackberry Pearls and MP3 players and network computers masquerading as telephones - and have patiently waited for the next Palm device.

Please, please get the Pre and other phones out - my treo 755p is on its last legs (the power button is working intermittantly) and I am sick of having my treo called a Blackberry when I am a proud Palm customer.

My Palm History

When I first started at Andersen Consulting, your company launched the Palm 1000 and 5000 - two devices that revolutionized the use of handheld devices and made my memory Swiss cheese since I let all of my dates, numbers and efforts on the small RAM found within.

Over the next five years, I told, showed, extolled and rubbed my screens raw with the devices - moving onto the Palm V and Vx, and even purchased a m505 simply because it was hip and happening. But, when the treo 180 came out, I could not get my carrier to support them in London. And, when my friend Luke showed me his three 180s that were all in various states of disrepair - I was worried.

So, when I moved back to the US, the first thing I did was salivate over the treo 600 - it was the accessory that all hip, well-equipped Washington DC power-user had attached to their hand. I was still stung from the incredibly poor screen resolution and incredibly slow processor - but it was an incredible step up from all of the cheap, plastic phones I had seen from Sony Ericsson or Nokia, I knew I wanted something better.

Then, I found the treo 650 - and on December 2004, I made a heady purchase of the phone without a two year contract (I hate those lock-in things) - and promptly spent two months getting the phone to work properly with nineteen exchanges (yes, 19!) with Sprint on a regular basis - having to update the OS, get patches, incredible issues. And when the treo 755p showed up at Gnomedex two years ago, I even convinced a friend to sell me hers that she had won (since she loved her Blackberry).

And then, the same PR guy who helped me with the treo 755p got me to test out the Centro - which I absolutely loved....until I lost it. It was small, hip and absoultely rock-solid. The first time the PalmOS did not crash on me - the first time all of the features worked the way they should. I was so excited, I even published my thoughts on how to use the Centro for the field.

And that was the end of 2007.

I am ready for the new phone

I have been waiting patiently - and wanted to become part of the next evolution of the networked community - and have plodded around with my treo 755p, while my friends show off their iPhone 3Gs and Blackberry Storms, Pearls and Bolds (the last two phones coming incredibly close to me purchasing).

Please get out the Pre and the other devices being hinted about - I am your early adopter customer, and I am the word-of-mouth you desire. I am happy to deal with the bugs you OS may have, and I am a devoted Palm fan.

Email me if you want - because I can only wait so long.

A devoted Palm user
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