Wednesday, April 15

Are you a social media/twitter G-d or g-ddess?

In the past five years, I have been following the social media waves from blogging to podcasting to RSS feeds to YouTube to twitter to friendfeed. I have had various engagement projects with political and corporate clients on how to development their relationship with their customers.

And I read all of the Social Media blogs like everyone else - and often search for excellent case studies on how to use social media to grow your brand, customers and revenue.

So, for all of those budding social media marketeers out there - I have a gig for you:

Grow my client's twitter List
The task is simple: grow my cleint's twitter follower list and figure out the conversion performance (followers to sales from the followers) and what are the characteristics that drive performance.

What does this mean? I am looking for someone to grow my client's list in an ethical manner - no spam following - and I have a specific set of metrics I am happy to leverage. In a four month period, I would like to see the following ratios on following to followers (and yes, you are allowed to cull as long as culling does not impact followers adversely):
  • Month 1 - 1:1 ratio, following under 1K
  • Month 2 - 1:3 ratio, following over 1K but under 2K
  • Month 3 - 1:4 or better ratio, following over 2K but under 2K
  • Month 4 - 1:5 or better ratio, following over 1K but under 2K
(if you think this is TOO hard, come up with something better!)

And, the extra benefit you have is the content of the client is quite funny - and can be used to generate followers. Additionally, if you have a different strategy (e.g. create a twitter customer service account and a twitter CEO account like @zappos), make the proposal.

To get considered, you have the following characteristics yourself:
  • You are a twitter fiend yourself (we will check you out on twitter grader and on other twittter history tools)
  • You have EXCELLENT grammar skills and you can "bring the funny"
  • You can help the client with great 140 character one-liners and repackage their content into twitter gold
Your proposal - should be with a base plus performance bonuses. Explain why you are the twitter-g-d or g-ddess that we are looking for. Price and performance matters here and the client is looking for talent across the country.

If you are interested, simply send me an email at sdickert+tgod [at] google's email account. The proposals are due by the end of next week (April 24th, 2009 at 5pm EST).

I look forward to your proposals.


Edward Vielmetti said...

Sanford, such a short time frame?

I love twitter projects that look like perennials, where you get a bunch of new followers every season from seasonal activities. Time it right and you get a burst of growth as predictable as mushrooms in the spring or blueberries in the summer or cold, grey weather in the february.

Sanford Dickert said...

Short time frame - actually, the idea is for someone to come up with a proposal that helps us grow. If it takes longer, then the proposal show demonstrate this.

Manage our expectations - and then exceed them.

dave said...

Hi Sanford,

I don't intend to make a proposal but I think the follower/following ratio, while I can understand the driving idea behind it, is not the best metric.

As long as you are still trying to figure out the dynamics, why focus on such a simple metric that might actually be limiting?

Why not focus on sales and conversions, or new customers?

Sanford Dickert said...

@dave - the idea is to provide an initial metric of performance in terms of followers - since direct performance of sales to followers may be a difficult metric to meet. For example, can you give some standard metric of performance of purchasing behaviour from having many followers?

The goal was to build the list and learn what is a good performance metric in terms of new customers and/or sales.

Anyone applying is more than welcome to offer suggestions on performance.