Wednesday, December 17

Watching the NYTech community evolve...

So, I came to Fulbright and Jaworski tonight, expecting to see a large group of people discussing the topics that have been brandied about on the nytechideas list started by Richie Hecker. As I walked into the Board Room on the 24th floor, I saw my friend Murat who greeted me saying it was a pleasure for him to have me at his event. I was non-plussed - and realized that this was Murat's Entrepreneur event, not the self-described NY Tech Council event.

I joined the merry band of people - which included a number of the people who also ran for the NYTM Organizer role along with Tony Bacigalupo, Lubna from Mobile Mondays and a number of others. The conversation was lively - with Oz and Richie bringing the very energetic discussion to solid summaries. Once it came to an end, we headed out - and I went into Murat's event as promised.

Watching Murat's event gave me a different perspective of NY Tech events - from the NYTM and The Hatchery. A gent from Comcast Ventures was speaking on how to get investment for business ideas - and allowed for a discussion between one of the entrepreneurs (a marketing preference company) and the VC. I think the idea of having the discussion go on between the VC and the entrepreneur is a good one for understanding (almost like a short lecture) of what a VC would do with an entrepreneur - but (IMHO) I think it leaves the rest of the audience in a passive state - listening, but not participating - which sometimes was demonstrated by the active use of Blackberries at times.

Not sure how I would recommend improving the event - especially since I think Murat has done a hell of a job bringing this community together through various situations - and his event is extremely well attended.

From the new Umbrella Group (a hearty discussion was brought about by not wanting to define the group immediately by the name), there was a noting of the various needs of (from memory, so I know I have some missing):
  • Event publishing and promotion
  • Advocacy for the tech enabled community
  • Networking and collaboration

I think Scott's action of stepping down from NYTM has really started something - watching how things will be evolving now - especially after the Obama win and the economic slowdown. When people have time - they want to contribute. Will the various pockets of energy and enthusiasm cause things to happen in a collaborative fashion or a fractious fashion. Only the members of the community will tell.


allen said...

can we move past scott's leaving already? :) not aimed at you specifically but in general - it's a meetup, its not the ny tech scene.

Sanford Dickert said...

Allen -

Actually, I would challenge that the situation became more acute when Scott stepped down. If he had not, I do not think Richie and others would have been as inspired to make something new happen. If he had not made this move, Nate would more than likely be starting his mobile startup this January, instead of doing NY Tech Meetup.

Scott is not the catalyst of NY Tech - but the moment does have some level of significance.