Wednesday, April 30

Day 2.5: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge and riding the Harleys

Left this morning after posting my blog post, and found myself heading to the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. Now, what is the Bridge Climb?

Well, consider what people do on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge being maintained? Well, about ten years ago, an Australian (Paul Cave) thought it would be a cool thing to allow others to experience climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Since then, thousands of people have experienced going up the bridge and seeing incredible panoramic views across the Sydney Harbor. So a group of us (11) went up the bridge and came down - three and a half hours. And, while it sounds kind of long and for some thinking the security equipment quite scary, it is definitely worth the experience.

Then, as we were enjoying Australia's version of CPK at the Australian Hotel (they call it "gourmet pizza"), two other Amex types and I were talking about missing out on the Harley Drive around the city. So, with a simple call to Wild Ride Australia, I booked four Harleys for the four of us to experience Sydney from the back of some incredible bikes. The four riders (Ron ran the group, and Sara was the owner of the bike I rode) were incredibly friendly and told us incredible stories whenever we stopped. We decided on the "Three Bridges Tour" which took us into North Sydney and through the ANZAC Bridge. Supposedly, there will be some photos soon enough, take a look here.

Got a night of dinner and dancing with the Amex Award winners - will see if there are any stories to tell afterward.


Tassiegal said...

Its scarey how COMFORTABLE you look on that Harley Sanford...(and sometime in the near future I need to pick your brains about some stuff).

Paddy Mullen said...

Dude, I didn't know you knew how to ride a motorcycle.