Monday, April 28

Day 1: A day is Sydney has the time-sense all warped

Day 1 (or is it Day -1?) - after a 22+ hour flight sequence, definitely appreciate the concept of business class. The food from Quantas is EXCELLENT, and American Airlines (from PHL to DFW to SFO) should be shot for having no entertainment solutions (no TV, no shared movies, nothing!).

Once we left SFO on the 747-400 (thank you Boeing Airlines) the flight was relatively uneventful. Met a couple of my friend's coworkers (as you are standing around, you hear people talking about their reason for being on the flight and discover that all of the people were part of the AMEX trip) and eventually fell asleep.

Once we landed, I could not figure out if it was 6am or 6pm (since it was actually 4pm EST from where I was). But on the bus and off to the hotel - where we did the winding roads to the Rocks (where the first settlers to Australia landed?) and then to the hotel.

After a few tweets and Facebook IMs to friends, got a couple of suggestions of where to go (thank you @behomeny) and walked the Circular Quay (pronounced "key") and just relaxed. A couple of walks through the city (relatively small and quaint) and a great dinner by the waterfront had me at the end of my rope - where I found myself in the hotel room looking at the TV and wondering if I would actually sleep. Next thing I knew, it was 8am and my friend was trying to wake me up - so, maybe, I am on the calendar/clock out here now.

Today's schedule - checking out some of Emily's suggestions and the Bondi Beach Book Shop.

Photos planned - need to find a small USB cable to connect my camera to.

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