Tuesday, December 4

Dec 2007 New York Tech Meetup

@ the IAC Center on 18th and 11th Avenue

Scott reads out the concepts and background of the NYTech Meetup.
"Fashioned over the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley"

First: cofounder of MeetUp - Peter Kamali - ignighter
You and your friends create a group - then you find a group of hotties to go on a group date with.
Conventional online dating is awkward - ignighter is a much more secure solution.
Only been at it for eight weeks, softlaunch on app on Facebook two weeks ago. Planning on a "hard launch" soon.

A way for groups of guys to connect with groups of girls (should look into the Nash Equilibrium theorem).

Q: Building a startup in NY now, harder or easier?
A: Harder since people are more expensive, technologies are easier.

Second: Marvin from evolvist
Database/search engine for finding eco-friendly and socially responsible businesses in a geographical area. "Where is the nearest slice of 'organic pizza'?"

Demos: finding a coffee in NY.

Q: Technology? Platform?
A: Ruby on Rails, three months effort, launch soon.
Q: Just food market?
A: Starting in food, moving to everything.
Q: How do you make sure you verify properly?
A: Community and internal verification processes.
Q: Marketing plan?
A: Two targets are NY and San Francisco. Hopefully going to have stickers to show their connection to evovlist

Third: Udeo from thefunded
Database/search engine on VCs and CEOs int he funding process. Think of a community-based ValleyWag.

Q: What inspired you?
A: VCs take advantage of startups - founders usually get 1/10th of the return that the venture parters do. Need to band together to improve our negotiation ability.

Scott is doing a pitch - he met Dominic Price (part of google AdWords team), became the VP of XXXX at Meetup. Jason Paez - there is a tech innovators event part of the Barak Obama campaign on Monday. Innovator's Ball

Fourth: Shay from Kaltura
Think: "Wiki meets YouTube" - groups of people collaborating to remix rich media online.
Simple Flash widget allowing person to mix video on the web (reminds me of a light-weight iMovie and a video editing tool I saw in England). Using it for mixing video clips, citizen journalism, sports clips, etc.

Can search other media sources - import into their editor. Nice feature with the volume editor, can insert special effect. Open source platform (does this mean that others can edit and modify?), Can insert RSS feeds (interesting) over the video.

Q: Who are you aiming for?
A: encouraging a remix news in video culture. Do private label work.
Q: what will it be used for?
A: people are using it for citizen journalism

Fifth: Murat from Unype (you-nipe)
A virtual representation of the real world built on top of google Earth - connects to social networks (ning, orkut, skype, etc). All information from the SNs comes with you into the virtual world.

Demonstrates within facebook - voice chat using Skype. Server sends file - which will open google earth. Shows all of the events in the location and the people online. Can see the event and the location relative to the world you are in.

Can follow people within unype - you can insert 3D models, videos, locations, etc.

Q: You have the street view?
A: Yes - you can look at the street view on the google earth. in relation to virtual worlds - application is more related to the real world.
Q: What are they using for it now?
A: Just playing with it for now.
Q: Privacy issues?
A: If you are concerned, do not put your personal details out there.

Sixth: Scott from MeetUp Inc. (Meetup Alliance)
Now, he finally gets to demo something after 50 meetups in NYC. New York Company built in NY. Power of self-organized groups.

Meetups teamup when they can work together - e.g. Ron Paul Meetups created one of the biggest fundraising day by external supporters. History of the world is about alliances of "local groups" - announcing the MeetUp Alliance - super-groups (groups of groups) - just launched a few hours ago. Not sure how it is going to turn out - give people the power to form groups of groups - alliances.

Doing something a little crazy - made it platform agnostic - if you are part of a group external - BYOG (bring your own group). Allows for feeds to be aggregated from each of the groups (becoming the groups aggregators). Built with an open API which will allow people to build widgets/interfaces that is not currently out there.

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