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NY Tech Meetup - October 2007

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Changing the Present - Robert Tolmach
Now offering a Facebook app interface to the - number of meaningful gifts and can make donations though the interface. Everyone (except one person in the audience) is on Facebook. Can see how others are changing the present via the Facebook interface.

Took two months to build the interface for Facebook.
Any way to get feedback/results of your giving - yes, but not holding up the launch to deliver it.
Is it tax deductable? Yes - 501.3c - last step - you get your tax receipt.

digicash - Patrick
Objects bearing value using digicash. Shows the Digicash Wallet on the iGoogle interface. Creating companies their own currency via the Digicash Wallet. Useful for digital good s and/or services. [Ed note: looks like a reward points scheme for other companies.] Demonstrates the product purchasing on a baby product website - shows cash for company as well as time sensitive (expires in X timeframe).

This is a micropayments service - can use it as a Paypal service as well. Frictionless transactions. Using it for mobile couponing? - yes.

Organized Wisdom - Steve
Steve started interesting things in the past. Harkens back to Yahoo! Search service, doctor reviewed web site. Real people curate the web, high quality, list of links - to the best user generated data online.

Started Webstakes a while back - one of his funders got pancreatic cancer - he was led on a goose chase all across the web. After spending all this time - found some great links - and now collect the highquality lists/resources on the web.

[Ed Note: this looks kind of like and Wikipedia] - paid guides that are curating the web. Sharing what they learned so that people are cleaned up. Asks for suggested links from readers and users - links can be reviewed by the guides and

10K Wisdom Cards - next movement - combining people with algorithms to help people find the content that is high quality. Essentially using the crowdsourcing for the content. Looking for MediaWiki developers and doctors for review.

Mahalo is curating the web across 25 verticals - we are focusing on the just health and a physician review. Working with syndication, lead gen and other players. Policies on conflict of interest: each link needs to stand on its own. Guides can not do WisdomCards on anything they are associated with.

Steve - you have been on the startup process before. What is different now in building an internet company in New York? Perseverance. I raised $40M after 1000 meetings with investors. Perseverance trough think and thin - be flexible but keep your eye on the goal.
People also know what the web is today - and different level of people to interact with.

Yoinkd - Jing
A web media player - Take. Make. Share.
Take - from google, YouTube, etcetera; Make - create custom playlists; Share - send playlist to your friends.

Can make any RSS feed into a playlist. iPhone User Interface - customizable for any size, web-enabled device. Have widgets - anything that is able to be web accessible. Fully PHP.
Started May/June - have two partners in Berkeley, moving back to California soon.

Clickable - David and Vernon
650K people managing paid search. Highly fractured marketplace. Allow you to manage online advertising across all of the major search engines. ActEngine - forces best practices to groom and tune your campaigns across all engines. Actions Summary - Homeland Security Heads Up display.

ActGrid - gives you the information across the campaign. Great wizards, information on improving the campaigns. Analyze section - nice reporting mechanisms. Backed by Union Square Ventures.

Built on all of the major network APIs - a bunch of verticals are coming online. Help mature advertisers into becoming bigger ventures. Make money: percentage of revenue spend. Focused on return on the marketing spend. Web service - all online - extremely "slick".
APIs have allowed for innovation that is allowing this to happen. Cost of development is very low - offshored and in-house. AJAX is making it capable in develop your visual goal. Visual simplicity.

MushyGushy - Kurt Morris
ME Cards from - clips your head and sticks it on South Park-like animation.
Very cute animation for the event. Each member gets a "head case" with skin tone and gender - gets sender/receiver designation.

A very powerful marketing tool - as they build up the membership to critical mass - then will have information - and will allow people the ability to access people directly from the marketing campaigns. Creating mobile animations possible.

Will work with companies as marketing partners - allow for the people to connect. Went live in May - liked showing it as a movie.

Scott says: focus on making it a great product, not on making it a spam machine.

Styky - Kunal Gupta
Looks like a mobile client for Plaxo. Has other services - photo handling, social network, status tracking. Offers group functionality - by virtue of being a member of the group - can access member information from my application. Snaps - photo sharing component. Popularity index - metric to see who has the most contacts (like

Steal - allows for couponing from the thin client. Trying to keep it "low tech". Merchants have been found by pounding the pavement. Sync directly with the resident address
It is a Java app - size depends on the phone. A Blackberry app, Palm OS app, Windows Mobile app. Couponing is the revenue model - cool, convenient, demographic generation. Launched a Facebook app for tracking phone numbers.

NewsGroper - Greg and Adam
Scott clarification: usually do not show content, but they have "innovated" around content.
Parody news website - written by politicians, news people, etcetera. Hired a network of humor writers to make up the blogs. Pulls all of the celebrities together into one site.
Think of the Fake Steve Jobs site with lots more information - Al Gore, Al Sharpton, and others. Tells story of faking out MSNBC and how Huffington Post tells the story.

Ten new posts every day. Legal protection - parody is covered.

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