Saturday, August 11

Gnomedex: Cali and Neal from

Cali starts off with an intro of warning them/us of how tough the Gnomedex crowd could be. Then she admits she is a "public speaking virgin". Then they intro their show "" Neal joins in and tells the story of how they modeled themselves after Dawn & Drew.

"Creativity diarrhea" once they found the domain - one idea: "Cali Lewis, International Gadget Spy". Real name for Cali: Luria Petruci - much more difficult to google search.

Pause as Cali gets her mic readjusted: Neal comments: "Better have strong tape, because she sweats."

Other amazing anecdotes:
  • "I didn't own a camera until when I bought met her"
  • "I bought a camera because I wanted to document [Cali]."
  • "There is some that she does on video that is 'magic'.....and those videos are not online."
  • "There is something that lights up about her on camera..."
Q/A: How important are the outtakes? Neal - I love them. Cali - we specifically place them after the credits. Neal - hard this about the bloopers, she is getting better and it is harder to get the bloopers.

How you will make money out of this? Cali - we knew we wanted to be with PodShow - they were the first trying to monetize. We got started on a basic level - after the fifth month, went full-time - PodShow is taking care of the business side of things.

Neal - early on, advertisers were not there - PodShow is fronted the money - now, great ad support.

Metrics - where are you currently with the audience? And what is the technology you started with and are using now.
Neal - numbers: not as clear as with pageview. We typically get at a minimum of 100K downloads per show, and sometimes get as much as 1MM. Average 400K downloads per show.

Cali - organization trying to create a standard for views and such for video.

Started with a Canon ($300) camera. Bought two Panasonic DEF cameras - software was VideoQue Pro. Now using FinalCut Pro finally (after owning the software for a year).
Now using a Canon XHJ1 - our first high def camera

Q/A from me: Neal - is this your first time public speaking? Yes. Doing great!

Photo Credit:
Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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