Thursday, June 21

Supernova 2007 - Connected Innovators
Israeli company that offers scalable scanning with intelligence that offers contextual, adaptive, scalable, blah, blah, blah... (I think I saw this with Can insert appropriate ads into the viewer. Question: does it offer the ability to go into ANY Flash viewer?

Adaptive Blue
Personalization technologies - puts the intelligence in the browser. We focus on people - people and everyday things, people and shortcuts, people and personalization. This is their vision of the solution to the semantic web.
  • BlueOrganizer: personalized smart browsing - BlueMenu.
  • SmartLinks - smart browsing for everyone. reminds me of


Personalization/recommendation/discovery engine - similar to the Amazon recommendation engine. Finding the unexpected, serendipitous content.

Why don't we do the implicit matching concept on a massive scale. World's largest "implicit social network". They are launching a solution for Overstock which is using the implicit information and interests from the prior users and powering targetted ads/product suggestions.

Web-wide video search - videos that they want to search online.
Demonstrates search compared to google and YouTube search.
Reminds me of a mashup with blinkx and dabble. (Disclosure - I am an investor in dabble).

Developed indexing side - index sites themselves. Powering the online video guide for TV Guide(?). Again, allows users to find videos, discover and play. DFJ funded - looking for staff.

Music discovery/recommendations/search field - compared to HypeMachine, myStrands, etc. Other services do not keep you informed with "everything". Very few categories of product with such variety. Need some kind of solution to narrow down solution. "THE ULTIMATE MIXTAPE MACHINE" - tag line from their website.

Manages social communications via the phone. Many profiles on social networks - where is the phone? Need to de-silo phone from social networks. Key is privacy for briding relationships online to the phone.

Pando Networks
Helps deliver sharing large files. Link people together providing a peer-to-peer network (BitTorrent) - now becoming a large P2P media delivery platform. Allows Pando to manage, deliver or remove media content from the network.

Pando coexists with the CDN to work with both the CDN and the Pando P2P network (my assumption is they are using the Pando client to pull from all networks. Pando (I believe) is now the largest BitTorrent client in the world. Pando Publisher - this is what Robert Scoble needs (from our conversation in the Open Space session).

Polling across your social network (waitaminute - wasn't this the Poll option in eGroups?) Aggregate data and individual perspective. Reminds me of bix. "Best Polling Widget on the Planet" - tagline.

People search engine - discovery engine for information - drawing connections. Exposing the relevant information associated around the individuals or definitions on individuals.
One of the funniest people on the presentation.

Change the "what to buy" effort - online product research is where the action is. Simplify the product research effort - so they can find the best product for their constraints. Trolling information across the web and other content, mix in some proprietary analysis tools to help answer the questions for making a purchase decision.

Two features: wizerank - metric on prediction of product success based on recommender and sales success (similar to a Wine Spectator Score) and user reviews.

"Shortest distance between good food and your tummy" - tagline. "eBay for takeout orders" Looks like a chance for people to resell their cooking skills to others nearby (Hey Shannon - here is an idea...) Matching customers, food preparers and delivery people.

Consumer-centric services + Power of Sync + Focus on Design = ZenZui (the fastest speaking presenter in the West). Seems like it is prepped for iPhone and also works with phone interface (nine phone number buttons). Z key - zooming user interface - 16 tile heatspace. Zooms into/out of space.

Backend provider of solution - required to connect with a personal computer - Zing provides the connectivity. Untethering the application solutions (e.g. and leveraging wireless IP to provide entertainment onto devices.

Feedback from the panelists: avoid pure webplays, pure destination plays are not very successful. While AJAX exists, user interface is not happening as fast. Need to have simplification and power.

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