Monday, May 7

Yi Tan Tech Conference Call - twitter

Social Network/twitter top with Ev Williams, Howard Greenstein (Social Media Club), Deb Schultz, Ben Rattay (

Ev talking about twitter is a social networking tool, SMS less. All sites will eventually be SMS. Categorization as a social network is becoming increasingly helpful.

SMS as it gets blends in and gets mainstream.

OpenID is becoming more mainstream. - give people a way to get involved with activities with

Alot of sites are becoming really good at one service, and not being ubiquitous. Valuation is equal to number of names/email addresses/mobile numbers.

Joining each social network is the heavy lifting - not really - in each social network,

Social network is already in your address book.

Uber-networking services: - never got to the opportunity.

Ben: Dopplr and no specific value. Couldn't LinkedIn/Facebook do it? Not easily - it is about information architecture. Could so a crossover of stuff since it will never be good enough as using Yelp.

Are we see an explosion of innovation and variety - and the one with the best "information architecture" - Yelp adds compliments for social credit. Basic functionality is the same, but the community incentives determine the "feel" of the site.

Deb: architecture helps to define culture. The hub and spoke mentality (Facebook) versus OpenID which is owned by the individual. The architecture helps determine the "temperature" in the room.

Jerry: open architecture allows the platform to be used into other services/repurposed functions (e.g. LinkedIn could not easily be used to become Yelp).

Plasticity: can the products be made to be plastic. Ev: big fan of being a very focused product. twitter is just the right balance of focus and openness. Too many people widen the product they build too quickly, and do not stay focused.

twitter is gearing toward the usual crowd - maybe when the size grows, it will skew more toward the younger crowd (Sanford's opinion - nah)

Likely business models of social networks three years from now?

GoodContacts: multiple business cards. Allowing people to have multiple identities.
Experimenting on the "patterns in the wild"

No physical/tangible metaphor in the "real world" - it is a verb, not a noun. Ev: look at "blogging" - it is now in Microsoft Word. So, the features migrate to the main process.

TRIZ invention (see wikipedia)

Is this some federation of peer-to-peer data collaboration? Ben: very similar to NetVibes model. Allow you to see the niche services in one place. The incentives in the big companies will keep from being "open" - big companies are very, very proprietary. We do not want one big social network - I go to a social network because I want "something", I do not want a big bloated social network.

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