Saturday, April 7

From the ground on PodCampNYC...

Got here a little late today and was meeting with various people before coming in. The sessions I have participated in are:

Video Compression for Podcasters
  • Discussion on video compression techniques from Andy Beach from Zoom In Online
  • Great set of links for video compression (send Andy an email at andybeach AT gmail)
The Power of the RSS Feed as a Marketing Tool
  • Discussing the use of RSS feeds as a marketing tool from Bruce Chamoff of Long Island Podcast Network
  • The discussion was more about how RSS (kind of) works - a little confusing, but trying to get people to understand the concepts of RSS and syndication
  • Lots more discussion on how RSS is truly NOT SIMPLE for normal human beings
AxL - The Attention eXchange Language
  • Discussion by John Frederico from On Digital Media on the models of how to exchange attention information between podcasters, viewers and marketers
  • Difficulty with iTunes and the closed-nature of iTunes with giving viewership information
Punch Cards, Ed Sullivan and 8 Track Tapes - What the Facebook Generation Can Learn from an Ex-Hippie Chick
  • Discussing the metrics of trust and engagement by Nancy Shenker of theOnSwitch Consulting and how very undifferent the marketing tools of the past are appropriate for today
  • The New Awkward Moment by Howard Greenstein - great article to read about handling strangers on social networks and "link sluts"
  • Nancy's points for "Timeless Truths" (T^2):
    • Host: T^2 = quality - variety - excitement
    • Chat: T^2 = manners - timing - freshness
    • Community: T^2 = mutual interests - respect - symbiosis
    • Friend: T^2 = connection - trust - fun
    • Eyeball: T^2 = connection
    • Engagement: T^2 = true interest - loyalty - spending
    • Post: T^2 = know your audience - good timing - good penmanship
    • Shuffle: T^2 = listen
    • podcamp: T^2 = camaraderie - new growth - new rules
  • Come and post some of your favorite points-of-view on Nancy's blog
  • Discussion of avatars and trust
  • Barry: social network allows for ability to reconnect with friends and there is nothing that will substitute for eyeball-to-eyeball, belly-to-belly connections
  • Twitter: why do I twitter? To keep connections...reduce the distance
  • Know that people who have been using social networks for years are more saavy on the use of technology the way gear heads of the 50s and computer geeks of the 80s were are able to use the technology for their benefit.
Beyond Monetization - The Currency of Relationships
  • Discussion by Chris Brogan, Whitney Hoffman, and Julian Smith
  • Internal conversation with yourself, know it and be able to express it with themselves and others
  • One-to-many conversation starts with a conversation with yourself
    • Check out the video by Mitch Joel at the PodCamp Tornoto video archive
  • If there is something you are passionate about, there is always a community out there on "the Internet" that you can connect with and share the connections
  • Listen to Your Kids - get parents to anonymously talking and gets parents listening. He spends money to get in the sharing of the content for the listeners and bloggers are connecting to it.
  • Goodnight Burbank - discussed the extra legwork that Hayden did connecting with other bloggers, videocasters and others that have grown the viewership and relationships with our shows. Gordon is now "twittering" at
  • Bruce from LI Podcast - share and be generous and you will find the karma that connects in the long run.
  • Concrete Takeaway - meet someone at Slate, make them a rockstar on your podcast/blog and see what happens. Pick someone other than the speakers.
  • Chris Brogan - makes sure he can build up people when he meets them and he generates such good karma without asking
  • People talking to people - the main premise with social media
  • Famous podcaster - community rallied around him, Internet connects people and empowers others to make an effort
  • When you connect things to a person, you become invested and make a difference
Making a F*&$ing Difference in the World with Social Media
The session speaker did not show up, so Noel Hidalgo ( and I took over the conversation. Topics included:
  • the efforts of in terms of microfinancing via widgets
  • various sites that support individual advocacy and aggregating the efforts like:
    • Celeban - social network, Witness from Peter Gabriel
    • - reflecting efforts within SecondLife
  • discussion on how the technology we have today is an evolution of the way we exchange information - from spoken word, to written media, to recorded audio and video to exchangeable content in all forms
  • I recommended The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom
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wsh1266 said...

SanfordI hope you had a great time at podcamp! moreover, I love how you guys took over for the missing speaker and made the event your own- now THAT'S the whole idea behind podcamp, and I am glad it happened, esp. on the scale we were working with. LOVE IT!

Whitney Hoffman
Podcamp NYC Organizer