Tuesday, February 13

Colbert Report gets it wrong....

....well, I am not sure he was going to get it right anyway. As I was enjoying tonight's episode, Colbert had on his "Pulse" segment a piece with a Chinese-American woman speaking in Mandarin with no translation. He then began to answer about what he thought was about "video bootlegging" industry - the scary part of the piece was the woman actually said, "If China and America was in a war, would China win?" Aside from the humor of the other pieces, THAT was a more terrifying thought.

And - one last correction Stephen - China has FOUR times as many people as America. Which means that we would have to have a 11 child policy, 8 is far too few.

Just some knowledge from a Chinese friend of mine who was laughing at the show. Love the show - long time viewer, first time blogger.

Update Feb 14th: Stephen has corrected his calculation at the top of the show - very impressive. Good work Stephen.

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