Wednesday, August 9

google getting more data with MySpace deal

At Marketing VOX, one snippit I found intriguing from the announcement:
"The real potential for a home run is combining Google technology with our demographic information," Peter Chernin, president and COO of News Corp., is quoted as saying. And Google CEO Eric Schmidt is quoted as saying, "It's important to move Google to where users are, and that is where user-generated content is."
Interesting to me is the fact that:
  1. orkut - which is one of the liveliest social network sites and in the google orbit, is not beling plumbed for its rich data source (or is it)? And was the major issue that Latin American sites and advertising does not come anywhere near what is available in the US market?
  2. "Google where the users are" plays directly to the fact that google needs to be seen in places were people are interacting (and since myspace did not offer the ability to add google AdWords before) to continue to build the relevance model for ad placement
  3. google's banner ads and other ad placement technology (see video ads and others) have not had a real testing out - with 100M users interacting on myspace as well as the suite of sites within the FOX network, google gets a terrific testing environment.
  4. Social networking and advertising SHOULD get a workout since the networking between users provides the mapping between people in the network - and coupled with google's rich data from interactions outside of the FOX network, targeting should be intriguing. And, to this discussion, you should listen to the Yi-Tan podcast where this weeks (#96) discusses the potential for the Future of Advertising and the potential untapped power of social networking.
More thoughts to come...

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