Tuesday, June 27

Podcast Review: Goodnight Burbank

Okay - first off, let me get this out of the way and say "Hayden is a friend." We go way back (in high school) and have only recently connected once again with his Goodnight Burbank podcast. When he started, I saw a post on our high school eGroup that he had launched the podcast and invited others to see it and I offered to help with the technical (read: web) aspects and marketing the show. That was back in late March.

What a ride it has been. A week ago Wednesday, iTunes listed his podcast on the Comedy section - as well as the main podcast section - and the rocket began to take off. From not being on thelist of popular podcasts, it went from 100 on the podcast list on Friday night to 42 this afternoon (Tuesday). IMHO, it is not just the humor that gets people, but the bits - both topical and timeless - that are winning over fans.

With each piece only five minutes long, Hayden has combined the comedy styling of Aaron Sorkin and "Sports Night" with the amusing antics of a sedate Ricky Gervais and combined a little dash of "Mary Tyler Moore" in for seasoning. How do newscasters act when the camera is not on them? I remember bits from "Broadcast News" and "Up Close and Personal", but this show takes the cake.

Do I recommend it? Of course I do - once you begin to realize the subtle undertones and the effort Hayden has put into each podcast, you will begin to understand why he is such the talented writer and producer. And heck, he doesn't make a half-bad Brit at that.

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