Friday, September 16

Making the switch...

After the past eighteen months - I have finally bit the bullet - and created two separate blogs. Political Gastronomica, my musings on political technology and strategies, has it's own home at It is there where I will spend time discussing the topics of the day as candidates and politicians work their way through the technology landscape.

Herem I am going to start my conversations on other musings that do not relate to politics. My observations of city life, marketing in the "real world", social networking, digital identity and engineering topics. The title, Social Engineering, is somewhat a play on words - Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering - what happens when you are using the engineering design process in social networking settings? (And yes, social engineering is a technical term in identity fraud for asking another person for their authentication and using it.)

And as another friend suggested - here is where I will place some of my other thoughts that are not necessarily relevant to political technology - interested in my thoughts on restaurants, movies, etcera - enjoy the posts.
based on topics of persuasion that identity management companies describe as the most persuasive method people use for identity fraud.

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