Monday, August 23

Eight Days from the Florida Primary

You know - eight days from the primary - and things are beginning to heat up. Most recently, we launched an ad that challenges the Sam Al-Arian story - and how Castor handled the issue. Funny thing, the argument seems to be how Peter is acting aggressively and being "negative", but the question I have is how did she handle herself in an important leadership issue - instead of addressing the issue head-on, it seems that she passed it onto a lawyer - and then handled it more like a "human resourses" issue rather than a "moral issue".

I can understand where someone could say - that was a mistake - but instead, the answers that have been brough forth from the campaign is a denial of information, then a presumption of action ("suspension") which may not be true (if the person could be suspended - with pay - then there was something to the issue) and then the accusation is an attack from Peter on Betty.

I used to say I was confused, but I am not any longer - the lesson is how to manage your relationships - with the press and with the stories - and to ensure that you communicate the message consistantly and effectively.

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