Thursday, March 11

Dean and Super Tuesday

Thinking once again about what is happening in the world - especially with the bombing in Spain and the effect it is having with the markets - and then, watching how Bush first launches "positive" ads, and now launches some pretty "negative" ones.

What blows me away is the fact that they are intriguing distortions on "facts" that have beeen culled from various media reports and comments made by Democratic candidates. And what is "funny" is the fact that the plan from the Republicans seems to be highlight the negatives of Kerry so people will not notice the past four years of Bush. Very scary...

As for the challenge ahead for us - Super Tuesday was an amazing experience - in terms of fundraising - and endorsements (especially with the Governor coming by on Wednesday - check out this photo for a candid. The interesting thing will be what happens next - to keep our supporters engaged - and ready to vote come November.

Interesting efforts have begun with the tech supporters from Dean (Tech4Dean) and how they can engage the Presidential Campaign in helping GOTV and supporting our voter outreach. They are extremely enthusiastic - and we are in need of how to work with them in an effective manner. But we are discovering all sorts of interesting issues that require our research to make sure we work well together.

This weekend - Dick and I are heading to Boston to meet with Jock Gill and others about coordinating efforts with other volunteers. Will be interesting...