Sunday, February 8

Washington and Michigan Success

Well - Washington and Michigan has come in - and JK has blown it away. Unbeleiveable. I still, no matter how many people tell me that JK is the nominee - I am not completely bought off until I see Florida, California or New York won (call it silly naivete). Once that is done, I think it is the best to keep a moderate thought. Though, people have chats about - even if JK were to have a "mistake", "misstep", or something - Edwards is better positioned than HD. Which makes me think - we need to make sure that the Dean supporters learn more about the JK effort and to understand what and our team have been doing since the beginning.

To that end, I am heading to San Diego to go to the O'Reilly conference this afternoon (enjoying a late flight to catch people) and I will be there on Monday to connect. If anything can happen - it will be the chance to help people and get them to understand the efforts we are focusing on - and the input/help we could use. And to that end, I think I am going to open up the demtech Group to allow people to join and become part of the discussion - since the CTOs were unable to connect - I will attempt another way. Maybe - Adina's solution will finally come to light.

I will write some things up on my way out there - the idea of connecting will happen - and the challenge will be in organizing and find the people to help make this happen. We have been working on it - now is the time to get the memes out there.